So when is Kindred going to get some love?

By far my favorite character ever created from a lore and aesthetic perspective. Would get me to play again if she/he/it/xe/xer wasn't below bottom tier. Haven't played in ages so I probably don't have a great idea of what to do but a few things that always bothered me was the hunting targeted mobs minigame. It always felt more like a "look where I'm going to be come gank me pls" sign and it felt more tactical to go to the opposite side of the map and try to steal a few camps instead of actually going for them. It wasn't so bad in the beginning when Kindred was an ok duelist but now she auto loses to everyone as far as I can see so it just makes the whole thing feel pointless and frustrating. Especially when you have to go into enemy territory just to attempt them. The ult needs a change, it goes completely against her thematically and just doesn't feel right. If anything she needs something to help her finish off kills, maybe a long range channeled damage spell that does more damage if the enemy runs away but gets weaker if they move toward her. Could show the wolf breaking off to hunt down a fleeing enemy. What she has needs to go though. But it has been years and Riot seems all about reworking old characters so I doubt anything will happen anytime soon. Oh well back to lurking. {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}}
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