Diablo Immortal is a great example of a gaming company disaster.

I've been a die hard Diablo fan since 2005, pretty much to the point where I would spend countless hours as a kid playing Diablo 2 and grind out my Characters (Mainly Necro cause I always thought summoning the undead was badass), farming for items, trying new builds and building great friendships. However, when Diablo 3 came around, waiting 10 or so years for a new game to release, I was sadly disappointed because it was just another "World of Warcraft" to me, of course I did buy it and played, but only for a month before I just got incredibly bored of it. It didn't have that "Dark and uncomfortable" feel like D2 did, it was more of like "Look at the graphics and pretty colors". Now, another 5 years have passed, and we get a fucking Mobile game. Are you kidding me? There isn't even going to be a hardcore option because "they're afraid that something could go wrong with your device so you would lose your character". I have never seen a con get boo'd at so badly like I have this one. Of course, I am aware this is a League of Legends boards community, but I'm sure there are Diablo players who play both. I'm just here to vent my frustration, they just need to bring back Blizzard North already cause Blizzard made my favorite series turn into absolute dogshit.
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