So Many Champions, So Little Space

So with the release of Zoe, I've noticed that with every new champion released, the older ones look more and more outdated and basic, not that having a basic kit necessarily a bad thing. Sure they can update and rework old champions like they did with Evelynn, Yorick, Galio and others, but sometimes there's just nothing you can do to "save" a champion. Soo, my question is, if Riot was going to get rid of one champion, their first ever legacy champion, who would you want it to be? Please don't let your reason be just because you don't like the champion. For me, I can't decide between Nunu, Corki, or Fiddlesticks. They're all extremely old champions who have been around from the beginning, with incredibly simplistic, like pre-rework Taric, kits. Not only this but none of them have received new skins in years, with Corki being the exception with Arcade skin from last year. Lore wise, they offer very little, and don't really do anything but just "exist" in the League universe. Their player bases are some of the smallest in the community, and more often then not, none of them are even good picks. Nunu is really only played for his ultimate, which is only useful if the enemy team knows not to chase into the jungle, Corki goes through passing trends of being somewhat good to being a trash pick, and Fiddlesticks is really only viable in the lowest reaches of Bronze. I'm not saying Riot should get rid of any champions, I just think that if they do, these would be the ones that are highest candidates for getting the boot. Please tell me your opinion
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