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I've been playing LoL for more than 3 years, more than 800 ranked games (possibly over 1000). I played in Bronze, I played in Gold, but I've NEVER encountered this thing: During the last 2 months, I've been continuously placed in Iron/Low Bronze teams which absolutely get STOMPED by the enemy team. No, please, don't get me wrong. It's not the 'omg my team sucks' crybaby attitude. It's a visible team difference. When I say my teammates get stomped, I mean scores like 2/15 and 20 cs in 30 minutes. Of course my winrate is now horrible. I was a Gold player with 705 winrate, 200 games, now I am B4, 40 winrate. I simply can't do anything to carry the most iconic I4 players. Please check my op.gg for reference, if you want. A lot of games we lose are OUR FAULT, but I simply have no damn idea why the heck everytime my team gets absolutely OBLITERATED straight from the first minutes.
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