Riot, please talk to us about Eternals, please show you're hearing our criticism.

I dislike the paywall on Eternals just as much as anyone, but I'm getting worried at how much silence there is from Riot on the situation. If this gets shipped, I at least want to know how you're justifying a pay wall on something you've been able to do for the past few years and **only now,** have decided that there should be a premium. ^ This is circulating around Reddit, we get end of year reports that tells us how many times we've used an ability on specific champions, have several websites that tracks a player's average KDA (albeit, not owned by Riot, but its something they allow to happen) and you even track our best grade with each champion. There are so many things that we'd be more than happy to have a paywall: - Custom Announcer Packs - Minion, Environment & HUD Skins - Different Musical Soundtracks - Dragon & Baron Skins - Kill Animations (Think the ones that required a specific icon, but done without them this time) - Novelty Loading Screen Borders (Maybe) I'm struggling to see how this could've taken so long to put together when you already had all the pieces, you just needed to put them together. You're making so much money and you employ so many talented people. We just need answers, why should we pay for this?
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