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I have been a pretty active person on these boards for about, Well I want to say 2-3 months about. These are in summary, of basically every thread I've ever read. - Adc vs everyone else * In these types of posts, its the OP saying something from "Adc's aren't that weak" to as harsh as "Nerf adc to the ground" and in either one, ADC mains somehow spawn from the ground just to downvote, and bring up hell in the comments - The annoying sarcastic ones * These are the ones that have a title of "How do I do well agaisnt zed" and then I go into, hoping to leave some helpful advice of "Buy that one 600 gold item that counters his ult" but then the actual post is "Lol I can't, I cant do well against a no-skill one shot" Hur Hur, haha guy's arent I so funny and relatable? power-creep amirite guys? - Memes? * I've heard that some people like them so I wont be too harsh. But most of these memes are just either stolen, or they're just really crappy jokes. but there are those special gems here and there - Insects * Bugs upon bugs upon bugs, dear god the amount of reported bugs is disturbing, some of them range from "Every five games I'm being kicked out" to "My client isn't working whatsoever, and there aren't any champs in my collection" yeesh, im lucky that all I have is the occasional decline when I click accept - REALLY RIOT!!!! I'M SO FRICKEN NICE AND I GET A BAN FOR THIS? * These I go into with hope, I know how harsh it can be to lose your account, and I go into these with hope, that the guy got banned because a four man felt like bullying him and reported him or something. But everysingle time I click these, its them in pre-game calling someone a B/tch A*s h/e for playing zoe or something and then following it up with a "lol" as if its a joke, and it keeps getting worse from there. Like really dude... - YOOO I'M CARRYING IN DIAMOND WITH A NEW TEEMO BUILD OMG UNRANKED TO CHALLENGER * A bunch of small streamers trying to get themselves clout - RIOT IS A BIG DUM DUM * Stoopid stoopid balancers, can't balance a game >=( ME NO WANT TO GET ONE SHOT (Ik i'm mocking them but don't worry I agree, im not roasting for the sake of it, it's just that most of these people have no idea what they're talking about) - Anything in concepts and creations / Story, Art & sound * Is super precious 10/10 keep up the good work, these are people who truly love league of legends, and try to improve and give their own spice to it - The balancers * IK I already did one on threads about balancing, but the previously noted ones are the bs ones that don't hope to accomplish anything. These usually have titles like "My thoughts on DH" and then it gives actual realistic advice, but these are rare and usually forgotten about. - Bugs * Dear god are there a lot of bugs - The super random ones * the ones in "general discussion" that have nothing to do with league and are super random like "the tariffs placed by trump are surprisingly harsh" That's all that I could think of, tell me if I missed something. I didn't mean to offend anyone, these are just all of the posts that i've seen put into my opinion EDIT: Everything I keep posting in the comments is getting downvoted, i'm pretty sure who it is, idk what your prob is but piss off if you dont like me, idk you, and ive never done anything to you
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