Forgotten Champs ( Taliyah / Ornn )

In the last few days Riot is releasing a few new champs and a LOT of new gorgeous skins. I was scrolling down the videos in the SkinSpotlight channel and still there are no new skins for those two champs. ( As a Tali main I was rly hoping for a new one) And I get it that skins are releasing for popular champs like Yasou and Akali because they bring a lot of money, but Tali was released 2016 and has 2 skins ( one of them is a TEAM skin) and Ornn was released 2017 and has 1 skin and its kinda ridiculous.. even IVERN got a new skin.. My point is that those champs have fan bases too and they need some love.{{champion:163}} {{champion:516}} If I missed other champs write them in the comments :/
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