Mass manipulation strategies (Twisted Treeline related)

Hi all! To keep it short I just selected the 2 most related: (Gradually create problems and then offer solutions -the most convenient solutions for you-) 1. Just apply it gradually, let something drop, for consecutive years. When it becomes really bad, present solutions or use it as an excuse for the incomming changes. - (Deferring strategy) 2. Presenting unpopular decisions as “necessary”, “for a better future”, or “for our own good”. They make the public genuinely believe that their sacrifices will lead things being significantly better later on. So the citizens get used to a lower quality of life. They start seeing it as normal. Ultimately, the people will resign themselves to the current state of things and will stop demanding what they were demanding. What do I mean with this? I have been so annoyed with the TT Riot decisions. Of course it's a business and they care about money. But what made me really annoyed is seeing some players agree with them and defend them forgetting why the players of this mode dropped. How Riot abandoned it and then, use the actual facts and numbers to support this decision. Every mode and every game will start dropping and dying when the developers don't care anymore. I feel so sad for the players who love TT and sincerely care about it.
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