Do you guys also have super irrational hatred?

I've noticed I get super mad at the dumbest things. I add teammates into a discord before the game starts, and every so often an girl joins. And like 90% percent of the time they're playing support. I dont know what it is about that, there's nothing wrong with playing support as a girl, but they always have that high pitched anime voice (that sounds forced) to match up with it. And then you always see them posting something on the boards, or on Reddit, and they're always like "I love Janna to death". Another one, is when I see someone maining something I personally despise, like having 5000 games on pantheon or something, its like come'on man. Something that I hateeeeeee, is when someone mains something, but you put the numbers together and you figure out they started maining it, when it was the most broken. It's like a zoe main, who started maining her pre-nerfs and they're always vouching for zoe, and it's like, oh, so this is the mf who was one shotting me, huh. And trust me, I dont want to feel these things, but they always pop up into my mind, and I just can't stop the waves, of just disgust mixed in with hatred, is this just me?
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