Please, explain me. (URGENT) Problems with reports.

Some days ago, I entered LoL to see a huge text that told me I had been silenced for 10 games. Before I continue, don't think this is a shit post about "oooooooooooh, I got punished, I didn't deserve it, fuck Riot". I know none cares a damn, and perhaps I did deserved it. If I'm here, it's to speak about a much bigger problem that could have happened to another players. But I need to contextualise. I honestly consider me a very bad player, but a very good part of the community; I think insulting is as useless as toxic, I like to congratulate my team when they do their job properly (and just not say anything when they don't) and I always keep in mind it's just a virtual game about pressing buttons. The truth is I get very salty when they mistreat (especially if it's unfairly) me or another one of the team, but all I say, aggresive or not, is in self-defense (or in defense of another person). I never begin being toxic myself. I had just been punished another time by Riot, and with another 10-game silence, in... 2016, I think? And well, they tilted me a lot and treated me so badly, but well, I got mad and I honestly deserved it. Anyway, this post is not about that. Let's stick to the point, and to the game of the 10-games silence of this year. I had just played that game one hour and a half before receiving the message (I went to have dinner and when I was back, it was there). First of all, it wasn't a game I found especially toxic. I had a verbal fight with my support because he started to blame me about all. Of course there were some bad words and hot arguments, but not anything I had seen a million times without any punishment in either of the parts. But, anyway, I told myself that well, perhaps I had been so toxic without knowing it, and that it was time to relax my self-defense saltiness. Anyway, I found strange that, as the message said, a big amount of players had time to check the chat and to evaluate it as toxic... in one hour and a half. I played those 10 silenced games without any problem. It's nice to know report system works, and toxic players don't get away with crime. Today, just about two hours or less ago, I had already ended my "sentence", and I played a game in which my mid wanted to report me for a supposed spam because I was calling the jungler to help us, and begin laughing about me because of my bad score (his score was as bad as mine, but well). I JUST CALLED OUR JUNGLER TO HELP US. "Lee, can you help us? Lee? LEEEEEEEEEEE? Thanks, good gank". Things like that. I promise, no flame at all, just tactic messages. I don't lose anything by lying. This mid didn't ping at all so their mid was in our bot all time, and therefore killed me and my support all time. I replied him, well, exactly that, that of course main function of the chat is for programming strategic moves or asking for help and that he had no right to complain at all when he was the reason because we had lost our lane. I think the most offensive thing that I told him when he continued flaming was "Nah, I won't lose more time with you, you have the psycology of a 4 year-old". I didn't even call him names. Right after that I played another game and when I'm already on the Rift I see on the chat: "for a negative activity on this account, your chat is silenced... (however it's said in English)". HOW?! IT HADN'T BEEN A DIFFERENCE OF 3 MINUTES BETWEEN THE TWO GAMES! I ended the game (I played it thinking of my restriction more than of the game itself), reinitiate LoL, and saw the "silence message" with the game I had just played before the last one, the one of the mid that didn't ping. A game in which, honestly, I didn't consider myself toxic at all, not even in self-defense. A game supposed to have been revised by players (or, at least, by Riot members) in less than 3 minutes. And a game for which I had recieved not 10 games of silence... but 24. The truth is I'm very afraid; not just for me, but for anything that could go through a same situation, and that's the reason because I'm posting this. What happens here? Is it a bug that automatically punishes an account when it's reported (because I suppose that mid reported me)? Does the recent punished accounts go punished again at the moment they are reported without any revision, even if that report is random or unfair? Because I honestly have my concerns about the game for which I received the 10-games silence, but I just can't believe anyone checked the second game in less than 3 minutes. And this is just a silence, but imagine someone is unfairly perma-banned by a system's error... What do you think? I'm a stupid crying victimist and in fact a game can be checked by Riot/another players in a very short span from its ending (that would be good news, it'd mean the reporting system is working greatly)? Or do you think as me, and there is something going very wrong that should be fixed at fast as possible? Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks for reading till here (I know it's a long and boring post, but I think it's an important problem) and sorry if my English is bad. *EDIT*: I have just played with a player that seemed completely nice and was no toxic at all that told once he was banned some days because everyone in his team and some in the enemy one were tilted by his bad score and "planned" to report him saying he was racist. So, it's official. Reports are automatic, or at least, some of them. It's very bad news: that means a lot of toxic people go unpunished, and that a lot of innocent people get punished because of the circumstances of even for troll reporting. Riot, please, bring the Tribunal back.
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