So the "benefits" for mid Teemo support.

1. Bot towers destroyed in 10 mins of the game. 2. MIdlaner weaker in exp than theirs, Midlane stages champions with strong waveclear so picking Teemo to zone does not work. 3. Jungler has all his botlane camps taken. 4. In Nightblues game the enemy had scaling adc/sup. Teemo winning mid has no meaning to the outcome of the game. It is just causing inconveniences to 3 people in the game. The result is bot/mid/jung losing by default. You can defend him all you want, but do you want to play with him? If you cannot stand going duo with this person for a month you are a hypocrite because you are not "accepting" him. I would definitely not go duo with this person and i had games like these and our team reported the crap out of said player and we got instant feedback report after the game. And yeah all 4 of us DID flame the crap out of him and we did not get banned for it because. Said person just muted us all after pickscreen so he can force his game on us. But on the other hand why would we must play HIS game? It is just ironic karma. you enforce, everybody goes full-blown mutiny.
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