Idea for a new game mode

I was thinking that it would be fun to sort of have a mix of summoners rift and ARAM named ARSR (All Random Summoners Rift). There can be a normal blind version and a draft version like the normal summoners rift the differences being in the blind version you literally get a random champion and you and your team have to decide who goes where (can help promote teamwork and communication in games). I think this mode would be fun for people to experience new champions and try out off meta stuff without having to deal with getting reported for playing vayne top or gnar bot or mid in normals. I also think it would help people learn new champions and help them learn to adapt to different game styles and champion play styles. The draft mode should be less random and it should let you pick 2 roles like draft does now and it should give you a random champion that is played in those roles. Riot now has statistics in their client so I would assume that its fairly easy for them to know what champions get played where so it wouldn't be too hard to randomize champions based on roles and to allow for champions to have multiple roles they can have a threshold of 30% of time "blank" champion is played it is in this role so it is added to the pool and they can just update it every patch. So if viktor is played 50 percent of the time mid lane 40 pct of the time top lane and 10 pct of the time in other lanes he should be in the pool for mid and top characters. I'm wondering what you guys think of this game mode.
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