What to do about toxic friends?

OK so last year I moved to Florida and was enrolled into a new school ( I'm in a military family so this happens all the time ) school ends at 2:00 pm and I'm forced to wait at the library till 5 because of my parents work, this lead me to meeting someone who introduced me to League and Borderlands 2, we would spend hours playing and talking on the computers at the library and in general having a good time. Sadly this wasn't the case online. I tried to introduce him to my other friends I had met online and in person ( Before I moved ) and he acted terrible towards them, not to mention he was an attention hog, in any game we played it was always him that did all the damage, it was him that carried the team. In his eyes he was the best, I wasn't such a fan of this and in one game session of LoL ( when I was still level 5 on LoL and could barley get a kill ) I snapped at him, mainly because he was being rude to a friend of mine who was only level 3 and didn't know how to play the game. He always seemed to play Kled and seemed to carry most games, which only boosted his self esteem, he didn't realize he was a level 89 Kled main going against levels 3-10, so I made a decision that would change how I play LoL, I just stopped talking to him. He would spam me on Discord and in game but I kept ignoring him, until one night I felt sympathetic and decided to add him to our call... We got in game and he started fighting with one of my friends for top, and after many slurs and threats he decided that he would take Kled jg, we lost the game and he blamed us even stating that " Your as shitty at the game as I remember " and left to play ranked by himself... It wasnt my best game because I was trying out a new champ, lucian and I didnt really have a support. Not to mention he's Bronze 3, now dont get me wrong I have nothing towards bronze players but I think that elo is pretty easy ( Me and my friends are some where from High silver to Low gold, going off who we play with ) and when I asked him about his rank he explained too me that " Bronze is way harder than I think, and also that I should stay away from ranked because im total ass at the game " I left it at that and left that call, soon I, along with my friends were decent players, we played with High silvers, golds and even low plats sometimes ( We as a group don't play ranked because everyone doesn't have 20 champions ) all was good, and I even meet new people. Flash forward to Today... The first day of school. I'm a sophomore that barley knows anyone and who is taking Junior classes, throughout the day I've been trying my best to hide from my toxic friend ( Hes a junior so I was super worried that I may be in one of his classes ), I had thought that I had gotten through the day without him noticing me... That's when at the front office before I could leave someone put a hand on my shoulder and spun me around and guess who it was, its him ( I don't want to say his name here because if he sees this I would feel wrong for it ) I say hi and he says hi and we just kinda stand there in silence until he states that he has to go give some paper work to one of his new teachers. I take the chance to go to the library where one year ago we had meet, and decided to go too the downstairs computer section instead of the one we normally go too... Hes messaging me on discord right now as Im typing this asking where I am, im not replying. My question is... How do I deal with him? Hes always soooo toxic and even threatens that he can beat me up in person if I piss him off. Should I just keep ignoring him and hide away down here at the library? Do I just unfriend him? I dont want to hurt his feelings but I really dont like the way he acts :/
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