Actually annoyed of people insulting girls.

Hi! Im actually D2 rn and i main support. I play mostly enchanters because I like the trading mechanics that are pretty unique to these champions. I play mostly ranked games because I like to play with and agaisnt players that have my level. That is where the problem starts. As a girl in high elo who mains support and enchanters I get a lot of people insulting me all the time. I just made 4 games in a row with people raging and calling things like "egirl XD", "You must be really pretty to hit this elo", "You must suck a lot of d*** to be in this elo". I normally report them but I never get any type of after game notification. Also, since when did it became *trendy* to insult someone by saying he/she's an egirl? It makes no sense. It is starting to feel really heavy. I hit Diamond 2 alone and those comments are annoying asnd misogynist. IMight be time you guys start to punish more about it. * (And no, I dont go around telling people i'm a girl. It's never fun to have people asking for nudes or saying you're boosted.)
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