Can we get another Monster Champion already??!!

Aphelios just got released and Sett's splash + story is revealed. Both are human/humanoid. Can we get another Monster type? Can we get another Rek'Sai or Vel'Koz for crying out loud?? Is Riot out of ideas? Unique monsters are so interesting imo. The last true monster we got was Rek'Sai. She was released in Dec 2014. It is well overdue. I am tired of seeing nothing but humanoid characters. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Edit: I see some people calling out Ornn or Kindred, etc. Or mentioning Fiddlesticks and Voli updates. Even though Ornn and Kindred are not technically human they are very humanoid. Technically speaking Sett is not human but he is very humanoid. Fiddle and Voli are basically old characters just getting a big update so I am not counting them. They are not New. What I mean by Monster are characters that do not resemble humans/humanoids at all (aka Vel'Koz & Rek'Sai). Not counting Yuumi either because she is a cat... she's a cat... not a monster (even though some people call cats monsters lol). An ASol is a Dragon...kinda like a monster but not very original and Dragons are basic mythology (yawn)... Not really a true Monster. To clarify I do not dislike Aphelios or Sett. I just want some characters that look so unique to the League of Legends Universe... I want a true monster type. The Void is a great place to pull them from.
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