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Dear riot , ive been thinking of quitting this game for quite some time (Since season 1 tbh) but somehow i always end up coming back (mostly cuz lux skins are amazing). Is it because of the competitive side of the game (nop its the lux skins) , is it because of how diverse this game is (So many lux skins) or is it because of how fun and entertaining this community is (Those lux fan art tho) Either way its been already 10 years and i just wanted to say Thank you. League of legend has been an active part of my life since forever. I cannot count the countless night i spent on this game trying to get myself out of Elo hell. Made some amazing friends here and lost some (I dont play with bronze players sorry not sorry). You know riot , I dont pay much attention to the pro scene, but i recently got to see the League Doc, On Netflix, and DAMMMMM i was speechless. There is sooo much going on in the backstage that we (people like myself) Casual players do not realize. We take this game for granted , We ask for more and more even tho you are giving us a lot. We complain and make post on the forums about how toxic this community is and how much league actually sucks. Reality is... We are the community. We asked to be able to mute pings and players, and we complain about the lack of communication. We complain that league is super toxic yet we demanded to have a voice chat system implemented. We complain that some champs are busted and overplayed yet we overplay those champs even in friendly game trying so hard to win and forgetting to have fun. We complain about smurfs but we want to be able to grind and play with the higher elo player. We as a community are the source of the problems. Riot you have some Flaws but, i will admit it, YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB !!!! AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD !!! Im not gona waste anymore of your time fam cuz theres a lot more i would love to say but hey i got to grind my way to master before season ends !!! On that note i will leave you with some recommendations that might help improve the game. -Please incorporate a text system that will advise player when they are about to get demoted or email. Ive been demoted from diamond to plat 3 times on 2 different accounts due to Decay. A lot of people like me who are working and studying at the same time will tend to forget to rank , since we are already registered with our emails might as well send us an alert telling us that we will be decaying soon. -Can you bring back the Featured game that we used to have in the past, you know the one where you could just spectate one random game from some high elo players. I used to check those every now and then. They help a lot for learning more about champs and how to play certain match ups. (youtube videos are sometimes outdated ) -More lux skins my walltet is ready for it And yeah im done sorry i cant help more im just a casual lux player . Cheers and again good job !!
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