Account penalties should be handled by humans, not a bot

A bot should not have the power to suspend/ ban accounts. The information as to how the bot works is not transparent to my knowledge. What I do know is that my first ever penalty in the 6 years I have played league was a 2 week suspension for calling the 4 teammates flaming me "bad," as they were flaming me within the first five minutes of the game and they all died in their lanes and blamed me (I was jungle). I appealed the penalty immediately, and got a response about a week later, and the penalty got reduced to a 10 game chat restriction and losing all my honor. My second penalty was received this past weekend. Three teammates were flaming each other and me, and I told them to "stfu and stop typing." I said nothing derogatory. I did not think much of the game, I said in all chat that the 3 teammates could use some reports for being toxic, and moved on to the next champion select. My account was perma banned. I was appalled. I had no intention of hurting anyone or ruining the game for anyone. I was frustrated that they were more focused on typing than trying to win, and I expressed that in a fairly appropriate manner. No name calling, no spamming of pings or chat, no inting, just telling them to shut up and focus. Once again, I immediately sent an appeal. This one with less willingness to be understanding and less patience. I also hopped onto twitter and messaged the Riot Games Support account, where I got to speak with "Tank." He was able to look up my situation and agreed both penalties were outliers and very harsh bans given the context and the fact I do not have a history of toxic/negative behavior. Has the penalty bot system been adjusted in 2019 to be more sensitive and intense? If so, is this to address some mega terrible chat problem? If chat really is that much of a problem, then just disable the feature entirely. At this point, I have no idea what constitutes earning a penalty, or what level of penalty. This last situation somehow earned me a perma ban, yet I never thought I was deserving of ANY level of consequence given the context of the game. There are so many worse things I could have said or done to retaliate, yet I told them to shut up and play, and that earned a perma. I was told that my messages appeared "provocative." I would like to have "provocative" defined within the game then. I feel like so much within any given interaction could be classified as "provocative," and it is not fair to allow a bot to have god power to decide what trigger words/symbols deserve a penalty without context. Especially so quickly. Allowing a bot to decide the fate of my account, so quickly and without thought, is unacceptable. These days I no longer have much time to play league anymore. Had this been an issue back when I played hours upon hours every day, losing access to my main account for periods of time may have not been an entirely huge issue in my eyes; just hop on a smurf account and play with friends! These days, the little time I get each month, I only desire to play on my main. The great majority of my in game communication is positive, encouraging, friendly, and game focused. It is hard not to say anything when teammates are allowing their characters to stand still or be in places they shouldn't because they are busy typing negative things. I suppose I need to speak to them like the children I work with in mental health; proper, elaborate, polite. Even though this is not an accurate representation of how their speech in chat and actions are affecting me. (Not to say it is not about losing control of my emotions and venting it out, it is simply me being truthful to myself and them as a value I hold.) The game is less enjoyable with a martyr mentality. I value standing up for myself and others, while maintaining a level head of course, yet the penalty system appears to not recognize neutral speech. I was informed it often looks for "passive negative." How?? What EXACTLY constitutes "passive negative"?? From what I gathered, just engaging in conversation with someone being toxic counts as "passive negative." That's insane. This is so long Jesus Christ. Riot I believe there are a few options/solutions here: 1. Disable chat across the board to avoid toxic communication within your game. 2. Remove the power of suspensions/bans from the penalty bot, it is not fair for people to suffer overly harsh penalties or lose access of their accounts for periods of time before a human even looks at the situation. 3. Bring back tribunal or create a team designated to WORK WITH a bot that has the ability to flag potential suspension/ban worthy behaviors. 4. Provide an option for people to completely disable chat on their accounts, to avoid getting baited into human interaction within the game and to treat the players they're playing with as bots to avoid potential trigger words/symbols that trigger an unwarranted penalty. TLDR; I received my first penalties ever in 6 years within 2019, the first being a 2 week suspension, the second being a perma ban. Both penalties confirmed to be too harsh. I do not enjoy unjustly losing access to my account for no good reasons. Also, I really enjoyed being honor level 5 last season. What a descent into hell I have made. I am the epitome of toxic behavior according to this bot. EDIT * People appear to be focusing more on my situation and the circumstances of me presenting this discussion. The 3 Rioters I spoke with about both situations (Derp, Tank, and Skeletor) all confirmed the system over penalized my account given the context of the games and not having a history of negative behaviors. I would like the discussion to be more about the inconvenience of that problem. Thanks, Kylie "KTFresh" EDIT how can I post pics here? EDIT * Here are conversations with the 3 Rioters Derp on reducing first penalty Me starting a convo with the Riot Games Support Twitter account Tank Tank confirming Skeletor My conclusion EDIT * After all the craziness of this situation was said and done, some great memes came out of a great weekend at LCS in St. Louis. Meeting up with so many of my online friends for the first time, all of who can vouch for my character within the game. Thanks for taking the time to read and discuss my post!
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