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Just heard the news and thoroughly went over Aatrox's new abilities, voiceovers and the whole bizz-nitch. I have many accounts devoted to my dear friend here, making my summoner names with an iteration of "Aatrox x" in them, so I'm just here to give you guys my 2 cents on this change. I think the whole reason us Aatrox players enjoyed playing him was because he was an auto attacking badass, with a badass model and badass lines. Well, reviewing the video of his new abilities, he's not the same champion, just a champion with the same name. I'm not here to bash on the rework, because he did need some help, but I'm not going to lie and say i'm completely happy with what they've done here. His Q just reminds me of Riven and looks like it can just be easily dodgable, the hitboxes to get the full damage and effectiveness are the size of a minion, but that's what the E is there for. Comparing to the old Q, it's not as badass as diving into the middle of the enemy team, pressing R and roaring into battle. To me, that was way more of a "commanding approach", since that is a big part of why Riot reworked him, because he's meant to be the leader of a battlefield, hence the flags on his back. His W is alright, has great setup for his 3rd Q, but again it's meh. It doesn't really fit his "theme" so to speak. His E very boring to look at and just needs a complete change in general, there isn't much to talk about there, the dash is like 50 units and has 1 line of text for the passive and active. His R is by far the best thing about his new kit though, how they put his old passive into his ultimate and giving him a fear to minions (Which was a suggestion I've made multiple times so i'm actually super stoked about that). All around a good job on his new ult, not sure if it still gives him extra auto attack range and I don't know the percentage on the healing aspect of the revive either. I'm confused on why he sounds like a Russian that smokes cigars 24/7 though, and his lines are really cringy and felt rushed. Imo, give him his old lines and voice back. His swords on all of his skins are really "bulky" as well, I don't know if that's intended or what, but it just looks like he's holding a bionicle sword.
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