Another le hobby ruined by la riot millenials

[]( >Welcome to Riot Games! Our privacy policy explains what info Riot Games collects when you visit the Riot services, as well as ways we might use or share it. Thanks le ROYEEEEET for le promoting things liek la dis > Red shell is a Spyware that tracks data of your PC and shares it with 3rd parties. On their website they formulate it all in very harmless language, but the fact is that this is software from someone i don't trust and whom i never invited, which is looking at my data and running on my pc against my will. This should have no place in a full price PC game, and in no games if it were up to me. > > I make this thread to raise awareness of these user unfriendly marketing practices and data mining software that are common on the mobile market, and which are flooding over to our PC Games market. As a person and a gamer i refuse to be data mined. My data is my own and you have no business making money of it. > > The announcement yesterday was only from "Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!", but i would consider all their games as on risk to contain that spyware if they choose to include it again, with or without announcement. Also the Publisher of this one title is Daedalic Entertainment, while the others are self published. I would think it could be interesting to check if other Daedalic Entertainment Games have that spyware in it as well. I had no time to do that. > I believe Red Shell is still in many games on steam. They put it into their game-code so it can not be found as easily as with the .dll files. People will need to monitor network traffic. And people will do that. > > If you have this Spyware in your game, please remove it. People will find it, sooner or later. Those marketing people in the suits have no souls. Don't listen to them, be an ethical human being. > > . > > Games who used Redshell which removed or pledged to remove it (as of 23.06.2018): > > Elder Scrolls Online ( Removed it ) > Conan Exiles ( Removed it ) > Ylands ( Removed it ) > Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! ( Removed it ) > All Total War games, ( Pledged to remove it ) > Warhammer: Vermintide II, ( Removed it ) > My Time At Portia, ( Removed it ) > Dead by Daylight, ( Removed it ) > Battlerite, ( Pledged to remove it ) > AER Memories of Old, ( Pledged to remove it ) > Magic the Gathering Arena (closed beta & not on Steam), ( Removed it ) > Secret World Legends ( Pledged to remove it ) > Hunt: Showdown ( Pledged to remove it ) > Escapists 2 ( Removed it ) > Omensight ( Removed it ) > Ballistic Overkill ( Pledged to remove it ) > Vaporum ( Removed it ) > Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation ( Removed it ) > Yoku's Island Express ( Removed it ) > Clone Drone in the Danger Zone ( Removed it ) > The Wild Eight ( Removed it ) > Desolate ( Removed it ) > Trailmakers ( Removed it ) > Raging Justice ( Removed it ) > Dungeon Rushers ( Removed it ) > Indygo ( Removed it ) > Kerbal Space Program ( Removed it ) > Quake Champions (no redshell dll files, seems to be integrated in game ) ( Pledged to remove it ) > > . > > Games still using Redshell according to community reports (as of 23.06.2018): > > Civilization VI, > Guardians of Ember (Publisher removed from Steam), > The Onion Knights (Publisher removed from Steam), > Heroine Anthem Zero, > Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade, > Krosmaga > Eternal Card Game > Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 > Astro Boy: Edge of Time > Cabals: Card Blitz > CityBattle | Virtual Earth > Doodle God > Doodle God Blitz > Doodle God: Genesis Secrets > Labyrinth > My Free Farm 2 > NosTale > RockShot > Shadowverse > SOS & SOS Classic > SoulWorker > Stonies > War Robots > Survived By > Injustice 2 > Warriors: Rise to Glory! > League of Pirates > Archangel: Hellfire > Skyworld Alpha le male out!
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