I would argue this EXP change and bot lane alcove is a BUFF to duo-queue bots... XPChange nerf to jg

Like the title states, I believe the bot lane changes are more a buff then you would think, while ALSO being a nerf to junglers power over solo lanes. Before I start let me explain what the changes were: 1) Solo lanes get slightly more XP, while duo lanes get less XP. 2) Alcove added to each of the side lanes So, the alcove that was added bot lane is out of EXP range, if youre duoing with someone like blitzcrank, they can dip into the alcove and you can get almost double EXP in comparison to your support or the enemy team, this will give you a HUGE level advantage and allow you to snowball much much faster, however, this will also make you lose harder if the enemy adc decides to pick off your underleveled support, this is why its more so a buff to duo bot lanes. Now onto the second half, the nerf to junglers. In this scenario you are playing Qiyana into a katarina, your jungler sees youre struggling and starts camping your lane. Eventually when you are level 4, the katarina is level 6. This is because the mid lane brush is not out of XP range (if it is, correct me) so the duo lane XP nerf will go into effect and the enemy katarina will start to snowball because she got camped. I feel like this change is nice for top lane since getting camped is usually an immediate loss. Let me hear your thoughts? Try to remember the human behind the screen.
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