So riot thinks I'm a cheater.

BRIGHT CLAWS June 15th 2018, 2:54:44 am Wasn't sure if my last ticket made it through. I didn't get an email or any thing about it. Any ways. I tried to log in a few hours ago after waking up and doing some things. I get a pop up card saying this. I have no recollection of doing anything related to this other than my game crashing lately saying something about a third party app or something. But this only happened when ever I was changing some windows settings (The settings that lets you change the graphics of windows interfaces and such) and messed with my LAN driver a little bit before playing when I was doing a test with Sacred Sword Princesses. Things that typically run in the back ground while playing League of Legends are Power Director 16, Discord, Steam ect. The usual stuff that's just open for a gamer. I know I haven't purchased any thing since way last month so I know it coldn't be any thing related to that. I just don't know what would cause this and its concerning with all of what's going on. I just recently saw the boards posts about some anti cheat thing. I went ahead and did a clean install for my LAN driver and graphics card just to try and make sure nothing else happens in case that may have had any thing to do with it. Would really like to get back to playing. Please help, thank you. :) I apologize if this ticket seems unhelpful in some way. I'm just not sure how to go about it. I tried recover my account and when I finished nothing happened afterwards. I usually get an email notifying my ticket was placed. MERCIFUL June 16th 2018, 5:34:22 pm Hello Summoner, Now, I don't have the best news here, but hopefully, I'll be able to provide some context on the situation. It seems your account was banned by our anti-cheat specialist due to activity that was in violation of our player code. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy on the use of unauthorized third party programs as per our Terms of Use and, seeing as your account was caught using these programs, the account was escalated to a permanent suspension. I can't really get into the specifics of what program exactly caused the suspension, but our system detected the use of unauthorized programs within your games, meaning that regardless of what happened the account will not be able to be recovered. Hope this breaks downs things a bit better and if you have any other questions know I'm always here to help Merciful Riot Games Player Support "Fight without hatred in your hearts!" Soraka BRIGHT CLAWS June 16th 2018, 6:13:38 pm OK. I see what's going on here. So it does have something to do with the anti cheat thing that you guys added. OK. Let me explain. And I give you my honest word that I have never used any thing to cheat with League of Legends, HOWEVER I do use something in the back ground with other programs and I think that may have been what the game picked up. There is a program called cheat engine and I use it for a set of different things. For example when there are long grinding sessions that I want to skip past I use it on a game with the speed hack function like some 2d game or whatever just because why not. Another thing I use it for is slowing down some of my favorite games I like to play at a 0.025 game play so I can take some really nice screen shots or a b roll for my own pleasure. I also use it for IMVU to unlock the frame rate counter that sticks at 30 and increase it to 60. There was a time that I did misuse this, however. But this was years ago and I learned my lesson and I never used it for an online game again. I used it to get around Guild Wars 2 faster because I was trying to make up some gold to buy gems to buy stuff from the gem store. Arena Net caught me and I admitted the use of it and I was banned permanently. A year later I pleaded to them and they gave my account back and I have never used it for any advantage ever again. Believe me. It fkng sucked that I had lost my GW2 account. its so precious to me because I love my main character. As you can clearly see that through out my match history there has been no weird suspicious things going on with me using some third party program to cheat because i play the game like all the other normal people. I fight, I die and I get kills like every one else. You can even download and look at all the replays if that helps. (It doesn't work right with league any ways, trust me, i tried it almost a decade ago on an alt just to see what would happen and the game did not like it. its more of a disadvantage towards the game. If you turned the speed function on the game would completely go out of sync from map traveling and actions being used). I had my suspicions afterwards from reading the new anti cheat thing on the boards that.. "oh shit.. did it detect me using cheat engine to speed up my grinding on Sacred Sword Princesses? There's no way, because I didn't even add it to the cheat engine." What also rose my suspicion into uninstalling cheat engine today is I got bored enough that i downloaded and installed Fortnight just to give it a try. Low and behold it would not start because it kept showing up an error that seemed a little like the one I was getting when League of Legends was crashing... Hmm.. Right after I uninstalled it. bam. The game worked. So, I guess I can't have cheat engine on my computer any more and just wing with it. I mean, its not like I really need it any more. I'm to dry to play guild wars 2 these days and IMVU is dead ALTHOUGH it was nice to have to speed up Skyrim because there was a certain mod that required me to wait 24 in game hours before doing any thing in the cities. There is my honest to god explanation. I have never cheated on League of Legends. I would never cheat on league of Legends. I love the competitive play and the adrenaline I get when I'm in the game. (No I'm not addicted). and I've worked so hard to get to level 3 honor after going though several accounts getting perma banned for being toxic. I have finally reached a point where I have I have reformed and my honor level still grows. Why on earth would I want to ruin that? I am not stupid. I know people get banned for cheating because I've seen them on the boards talking about it. I would never want that. So please, consider that your anti cheat thingy may have just picked up that I had cheat engine on my computer and not that I was using it on league. i really don't want to lose this account. I've put all my effort into working on my level 3 honor and trying to stay away from being toxic. You can check this accounts history of used summoner names that I used and noted that I was trying to get back, showing how many toxic bans I had. NOT CHEATING BANS. It would absolutely devastate me that after several account attempts you guys finally recognized me and gave me my level 3 honor (and hopefully more beyond that) after all my toxic bans to be banned over over something the new update/hotfix/anti cheat thing started. So please PLEASE PLEEAASSEE BELIEVE ME AND DO NOT BAN ME. I DONT WANT TO START OVER AFTER I DID SO RIGHT THIS TIME! I EARNED THAT LEVEL 3 HONOR FAIR AND SQUARE. :( I inserted a picture below showing the time window of when I realize cheat engine was/might have been the cause of all of this And heres proof that I was able to play it after I uninstalled it and restarted my computer. because you cant add games to nvidia automatically with out playing it first otherwise you have to searching the whole computer for one .exe BRIGHT CLAWS June 16th 2018, 6:19:11 pm here is some other proof that this did happen to me a long ago and that you can see how honest I am and see that I am not lying in this case and would never ever lie to you or any one with riot and not be toxic like I was on my last accounts ever again. BRIGHT CLAWS June 16th 2018, 6:24:01 pm And one other thing. Proof that I wasn't lying about how I use it with IMVU. And I can certainly verify that this is my YT account. I apologize if I have been spamming you with my way of trying to prove that I am honest with you. I just really don't want to lose this account. I had the sum named picked by someone on the support team as a token of friend ship with you guys (I wasn't going to change it but the guy over support chat insisted to do it freely) MERCIFUL June 16th 2018, 9:51:16 pm Hey Bright Claws, I really appreciate all the information you shared with me on this and I understand that this has to be such a shock to come out of the blue. Basically how it works is that if I were to let you know which program was found then the players who are making these exploits would just move on to another program and we would always be one step behind them. So I really can't go into any more detail but sadly this account will have to remain banned. I'm really sorry. :c Merciful Riot Games Player Support "Fight without hatred in your hearts!" Soraka BRIGHT CLAWS June 17th 2018, 2:01:28 am What exploits? How do you even exploit this game? Do you know? I sure don't and I sure as hell don't want to know. Seriously. What fucking exploit???? OK. If you still think that there is something on my computer that wasn't cheat engine that you guys detected, then boy am I super confused. The only thing left I can think of is PEC I used for ePSXe. There's also a thing some here in my computer that was installed with World At War called punkbuster I'm sure that's cheat related even if its meant to stop cheating. And at the smallest, the G.skill program/driver that is connected to my mouse and keyboard because some people could point me for a macro user. Or maybe even the fact that I sometimes spam the #6 key for mastery emote or hold down Y and user the mouse to spam emotes. And again, I don't know how you would think I would be cheating when my match history proves more than obvious. Did you even try to wrath the replays? Tell me how any of that looks like cheating. Look, I get it. I deserved to be ban for all those times I was toxic. But now you've gone to far and are catering to your new system and because of your inhuman, unmanned, non living thing that can see reason and have common sense, you think I'm a cheater. I am innocent this time. I don't deserve this. If you refuse to believe me then I will just have to escalate this my self. I am willing to expose my self to the public and give up my identity irl and destroy my entire internet entity of what thousands of people think of me. I'm willing to do such an embarrassing thing because I know I'm innocent. I hope you and your teams look forward to it.
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