Events like Battlecast Illaoi and Lil Demon Trist

I like them a lot, and it's interesting to me how varying the opinion of the public which casts votes in those events are (Adventurer Illaoi, and Sugar Rush Tristana got robbed imo) With that said, I was wondering if Riot has ever considered doing multiple stages of voting for a skin. The way it works now is they come to us with a predetermined champion and three skins for that champion, all of which have largely gone through the drafting phase already. What if you expanded on that, and had us vote on 2 - 3 champions we think need skins. Then, from there, we could go with you through the drafting phase a bit, presenting us with the skin ideas, and so on and so fourth. I'll use the drafting image for Elderwood LeBlanc as an example. Say Ezreal, Lux, and Leblanc were posted as the champions they were considering designing for. Obviously, according to the mood of the boards LeBlanc would be chosen. Now with the above image, voting 11+ times would be strenuous on both riot AND the public. But say this skin concept was selected, and then from the top left panel they were labeled as A. B. and C. We could then go from picking the champion, to the theme, to one of three concepts for that theme. This way, under represented champions can get a skin that their fans are near guaranteed to enjoy. I know it presents more work on Riot's part, but these skins always go through internal drafting processes anyway, and we largely don't see the previous attempts. We would just become a player in the decision making there. Art is credited to Sunnykoda.
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