Second year of season rewards I am missing and people still get away with int feeding

Over a year ago I verbally retaliated to one of the many players who target harass me by intentionally feeding my games because of my champion choices. I was rightfully banned due to my unkind words and general contempt of how annoying it was to be a Shaco player in league of legends. I have returned to play due to my excitement that my favorite characters kit is being returned to its former glory. It is difficult to play competitive league of legends at high elo's while maining this character because nobody wants to actually play the game with you. People decide that the game is over before it begins and run it down in a way that makes it difficult for an automated system to detect. I don't mind a 2 week ban, but so far this is going to be my 2nd year cancellation of ranked rewards. I have not been punished since the ban, and I have played over 200 games. I am certainly playing to win and I am check point 3/3 in honor level 0. I don't know how many more years it will take me to get to honor level 2. It does not seem likely due to the sheer volume of games I would have to theoretically play. This may have been possible if I was still in college but, with the rest of the early community, I am now out in the real world of employment etc. (to preface, I have been playing league since pre-season 1, I have the good ole bronzodia season 1 icon from my epic support Sona gameplay). I feel that my account has essentially been invalidated from ranked permanently, and it would be faster for me to create a new level 30 account than to get honor level 2 on this one. I don't know why this relatively short time instance of frustration has invalidated 7~ years of good behavior. At this point I am too old and jaded to be mad at players intentionally feeding my games, but it is saddening to see that players are still doing this and nothing is actually being done. It annoys me what is acceptable behavior and what is not. my Jungler "demoting" (literally summoner named demoting) decided to play Teleport Cleanse Zilean and run it down in Diamond ranked (his match history is also scary) I am frustrated that players like this are allowed ranked rewards, but I am not. I was suggested a solution to transfer to Latin-America north so that I may be able to start clean as an honor level 2, but I would much prefer to play on a more competitive server. I may have old-man mechanics now, I still enjoy the nostalgia. Can riot hit us with a happy 10 year anniversary honor refresh for people who have had penalties for over 1+ years ago but don't have the thousands of hours to grind honor to get rewards? I can make a new account and hit diamond+ faster than getting from honor level 0 to 2 and it is insanely discouraging. @riot pls send help
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