My personal feelings on Boris's (Aatrox) revive removal

I'm sure what I'm about to say is fairly controversial and in no way am I the most qualified person to speak on this but I'd like to share my opinion on Aatrox's revive removal. I played both Old Aatrox and New Aatrox an extensive amount and I loved both champions a lot, though I like them for different reasons. When I think about the removal of Aatrox's revive from the perspective of a current main of his I can understand the reasoning behind its removal and I can accept it being taken away. However deep down the Old Aatrox main inside of me thinks differently and here's why. The revive was the ONLY thing from the Old Aatrox's kit that was carried over in what is still, in my opinion, the worst rework of all time. With the removal of the revive this reworked "Aatrox" has now lost the only thing that remained from what he used to be aside from the self healing, but even then the self healing is different. I completely understand that the revive wasn't an integral part of the kit but it was iconic, to both the new and the old Aatrox and to see it go hurts. I've made it fairly obvious by now that I'm one of THOSE Aatrox mains, the one who dreams of the day that the Old Aatrox will Dark Flight his way back onto the rift and reclaim his rightful place on the champion roster. I just wish that the Aatrox I loved was in the game again, to this day I question the reasons for why he was reworked and for why the changes were so drastic. Did he really need to become this totally new champion in order to finally be "healthy" when the current Aatrox has proven that it is also fairly hard to balance especially due to his constant appearance in pro play? I just don't think the reasons for the rework really hold up and at this point Aatrox should just be renamed since now the old and the new Aatrox hold no semblance to each other in gameplay, and again the self heal doesn't really count since now it works more like {{item:3812}} rather than Blood Thirst. I meant to post something like this last month for the 1 year anniversary of the Aatrox ~~removal~~ rework but I forgot to so I'm posting this now due to the revive removal, I hope at least a couple of you understand my thoughts. I know this went on a long tangent and what not but I'm fairly open to discussion.
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