Match making needs fixed like wtf riot

ive been playing LoL for years ive been plat always play adc. now I don't really care the I really need 2 items before I get going, I don't really care that if my team feeds like a bitch no way im going to 1v9 as adc, I don't care that literally every class a little bit ahead can delete me I get it im the glass cannon. but what I cant fucken take anymore is the trash match making in season 9... get your shit together riot! im in promos down bot against a even level as me and someone higher know what I got someone who had not played in a year wonder who lost that lane! further more you as in riot need to explain roles better to ppl. low elo jungs don't get focus red side gank solo one twice when flash blown and then rota to bot for 3 ppl fed and drags. read a damn guide ffs. I have to rely on these fucks that have no clue yet I need to trust them and when I get upset and tell them what they doing wrong im the bad guy? so I have to kiss ass but they wont listen you put me with someone who obv shouldn't be there and im supposed to just chop this reacuring shit show as to you cant win them all. it makes me happy you are doing balance up dates for everyone now but I think its all smoke and mirriors you have no clue how to fix your game and im about over it. I played profesions fps my high school and college life fell in love with lol but this shit of always getting fucked over cause who you put with me or the lack of knowledge you give to ppl or the society you create so that ppl cant critize unless you are sucken their dick too is fucken dumb. Riot pull your head out of your ass no wonder you are losing population in your game/steam I love this game but getting tired of the bullshit! by far worst match making ive xp in any game and ive played alot!
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