League Ads are false advertisement

As a collegiate league player, the ads riot puts out are not a good representation of league. I think they are trying to oversell and overhype. League is only a team game at the pro level(College, LCS). I think before anyone plays league they need to know that it requires time to become proficient at a basic level and a lot more time to even get good. The community is toxic and nothing will change that. Games will be trolled, inted, afk, rq everything and in between. You will find yourself playing well but losing games. Players that feel they are more important will choose whatever champion they want regardless of meta or role. Your cries for help from reports to boards fall on deaf ears. Riot buffs champions to sell skins instead of striving for balance. The matchmaking is a joke, the game feels like a coin flip till diamond 4 and only 1% of players make it to fair matches. Smurfs will always be a problem no matter how many times anyone says anything about them. Even after 4 years of playing this game, it has done nothing but got worse instead of getting better. Every patch is a step in a new but wrong direction and they never take a step back. Besides the ranked revert as everyone knew that was awful from the beginning. The stats prove what is busted and what isn't but somehow the hidden deep data that riot has trumps what's in front of their eyes. Damage has been atrociously high since runes reworked and they just left it. Games are faster than they have ever been. The balance team is not made of entirely high elo players. Skill is at an all-time low when it takes two keys to kill people these days. Fights are over in a second instead of carefully fought team fights. CC and damage win games. Even pro play still is boring as a couple of skirmishes and one team fight decide everything. The death Recap is useless as it doesn't even show all the damage you took and every source that dealt it.
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