Day 2 Of Meeting Toxic Players

second day on this account and got a pyke who flames me in champ select for picking yasuo and says that i will feed. i tell him to shut up. in game he said in all caps SHUT UP OR I WILL INT. i said shut up since it was a normal and i would still in ranked because he isnt above anyone. he griefed me in lane and managed to steal 11 farm during 10 min of me beeing at mid lane but all of them were his support item and no its not that he didnt steal the farm its just that he is so bad he couldnt steal the farm. he called me racists terrorist and flamed me. enemy kogmaw told me to die in elohell. ofcourse i didnt care but why am i posting this? just to show how toxic this community is i post every day what average league player has to go through almost every game.
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