Is it a coincidence that I knew which side would win in both VS events?

I don't think so. I am aware that the current VS event isn't over yet but I'm pretty sure there will not be a turn around. The reason why Riot didn't use a bar (to show which side is winning and by how much) this year was because they wanted to keep it more competitive and less obvious which side is going to win. I'll be fair and give Riot some props on that. For those who don't know, people on the side of order kinda felt demoralized last year because the visual bar made it very clear that chaos was going to win by a large margin. Regardless, I am pretty sure Chaos is going to win and people who are joining now will see that Chaos is winning and would chose it for the blue essence incentive- which is completely fine. Contrary to the popular opinion, blocks of text doesn't always mean baby rage or ranting. I'm fascinated with what I'm about to post and I hope you do too. I am ready for the down votes but I just think that IMO, the VS events are naturally unfair for the order side and I don't think there can be a solution to fix it. So I am not asking for a change from Riot. I'm not complaining at all. I just want to discuss the natural tendency that people have when choosing sides :) Take a look at {{champion:92}} and {{champion:157}} . Even though there are arguably more Yasuo mains than Riven mains, I am pretty sure there are more people who hate Yasuo than people who hate Riven. He appears more in your solo que games and arguably has a more toxic kit. It is less clear with{{champion:122}} vs {{champion:86}} but I still think that even in this case, there are more players who hate Darius as a champion than Garen and find him more oppressive in game. Anyways... So the fact that more people chose Yasuo over Riven had something to do with the thematic of the VS events that superseded their initial stance on the the champions themselves. (Quick side note, If Riven was on the Chaos side and Yasuo on the Order side, I speculate that Chaos would've won even harder) > **This makes me think that there are more people who play league that genuinely like the idea of chaos- being rebellious, free, badass, alpha, defiant, cool? and different? more than the idea of order which goes along the line of obeying and accepting authority, restraint, control, not being part of "the movement", being default, normal, and goody two shoes? ** I even thought about how video games (although it's becoming more accepted today) and being a gamer is closer to the idea of being defiant and separating yourself from the norms of society. In the mind of the players, the idea of order and being restrained could unconsciously connect to the ideals and opinions that parents, schools, and the media has about video games and us gamers, who play video games. Even today, I think most parents dislike the idea of video games and would rather have us exercise or find a hobby that is more active, educational, or musical etc. Haven't we all had a fight with our parents because of video games? Parents are a symbol of authority and order in a household and in our lives. And because we live to experience that or have done so in the past, that idea of order being hostile or opposing to gaming is engraved in players. So then when players login to the client and find this VS event of "Order vs Chaos"... hmmmm Maybe I'm crazy and is overthinking it. I will take every criticism and remark. Sorry if you feel like you just wasted your time reading this shit.
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