The Game Isnt Even Bad. It's just the community.

So I wanted to make this post out of pure annoyance of peoples lack of understanding. When was the last time you heard someone talking shit at the balance team? For me it's personally been a month or two at least, it's been a really long time since I heard someone get pissed that a certain champ was broken. Right now it seems to be a couple of broken champs, a broken build, and a broken rune, and a couple of broken items. The broken champs are Riven and Vayne. Lots of people dislike them simply because they do so much damage and can play so safe it's hard to kill them. A broken build isn't even that broken and its on-hit Neeko and that got nerfed, Conqueror is the broken rune...Subjectively. And obviously, Ginsoos is broken as well. But I think the main reason people complain about this game is the community. The community in this game is and always has been toxic. I think peoples mentalities have just gotten shrouded over time, as a person who's played since season 2 when TPA won worlds, I feel like people for some reason need to carry, the need to carry and make the outplay is what seems to drive people over the edge, because when they do the opposite of that, they feed, flame, blame teammates and on and on and on, and when they lose the game they get banned, make another account, and the cycle just keeps going. Lots of players like to turn on Riots report system, which is essentially the balance team rant all over again. Now yes, the report system is nnot perfect. But nothing is, now I am not defending Riot in any way whatsoever, but lets be realistic here, the community in this game is so widespread that everyone has different opinions on what should and shouldn't be in the game, unless the community comes to a very large agreement on something(the positional ranking system) the Riot doesn't really know what to do. You have several people saying "nerf Riven." and some other people(mostly Riven mains tbh) saying "naw Riven is fine." So where can riot draw the line here? If 80 Million people go into different groups of opinionated subjects like Riven or the Teemo rework all saying different things, how can Riot make everyone happy? They can't, and I feel like a majority of the player base doesn't realize how small Riot still is as a company, they only have one video game out and are solely devoted to that, they're still a small company and they don't have hundreds of thousands of employees, they only have around 1000, that's 1000 people having to try and make 80 Million baby faced players happy on a daily basis. That's HARD SHIT. Yes they have a team dedicated to everything, from balance, to LCS, to the report system. And I'm sure the system will be fixed eventually, you guys are right its not in a great area right now, it needs work. But at the end of the day, just keep playing, I don't know why people are so hell-bent on having the need to talk back and further the fire that is a league of legends players rage. Sometimes when you're doing bad, just sit back, and let your teammates carry you to the dub.
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