Riot can you do something about trolls and people giving up please?

Like they never get banned at all. They just ruin games, you can't say anything or you will get banned. Like can you fix this please. Make your punishment system a real punishment system!!!! The only people that are getting punished at the toxic ones which is dumb. Like I just had to dodge 3 games since one guy was clearly going to troll. I have a list of players who have trolled me and I reported them and said what they did. Some of the players have said in chat they don't care if they lose or they are trolling and guess what THEY ARE NOT BANNED STILL since they are still playing. Also the punishment for giving up needs to be much much more harsh on them. I really feels like 50% of my games I have one guy on either team just being like end it or just pushing since they don't want to play AND NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM. It is really hard to play the game knowing that there is a good chance I will have a troll on my team and nothing will happen to them.
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