Fortnite is bad for youth. Riot must grow more in popularity.

To be honest now. League of Legends can be tilting at times but it is at least enjoyable somehow. Even there are some ahri skins for young kids still. Now when I see kids who are playing fortnite their parents don't realize that it is bad for them. In High Schools and Middle Schools there is at least 1 kid out of 4 I believe playing it on phone. Academic progress drops for them of course. Iraq banned it as well as India. I think USA should have some strict rules about games and how they are available to youth. Kids under 12 shouldn't even be able to play anything that includes guns. Epic games says but we don't have blood and gore in our game. Yes they don't but the way game progresses as you have to kill everyone to win is pretty bad for kids mental health. I don't even want to talk streamers who play it. If you don't believe me just go talk to any kid who have been playing fornite over 1 year and I am sure you will notice their education and intelligence levels. It is so addicting that kids are playing it literally in class and lunch. I think Riot should make league of legends concept in way that it can be for youth too. It is hard to play for them probably because lol has mechanics and things like that but at least it will help them in a way that they will stop playing fornite. I feel like it ruins future generations. I would like to hear ideas of any of you about that.
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