things you hear while playing support

"why did you take the kill" *obv wasn't trying :(* "this sup suck" "your build wrong wtf u building" *when you build full healer items on a healing champ* "just peel me" *runs in front of whole team* "no black shield?" *when it's on cd* "wtf shield me" *when you have no mana* "we have no wards" *when they have vision score below 10, and my vision score is 50+* "lulu stop qing minions" *when you use e q poke* "sona so useless" "WHY R U TOP?" *when you already took bot tower and adc over extends* "hit a damn bind" *but says nothing nice when you have hit binds* "gg I carried trash sup" *but they have no solo kills* "raka heal????? *spams ? ping after dying*" *when you literally healed them whole time* "imagine if you stayed with me" *when you roam and ward while adc is pushing alone with no ward* "gg we have no sup" "PLAY A TANK PLAY A TANK PLAY A TANK"
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