Top lane seems more autofilled than support because of poor balance.

I'm seriously tired of how many times i'm getting put top lane, it's like nobody just like me wants to play that cancer role. If you dont play a bruiser then you are an immediate disadvantage. Other than Teleport you have no way to help youre team unless you also happen to be a champion who is very mobile. It is overall the least impactful role in the game. Mid can have global presence on any other role just like Jungle, and bot lane has two players which immediately makes it a more impactful role by default. I can't tell you how many times its been "Win lane lose game" whether i've been the top laner who has won or lost lane, its simply whos team did better everywhere else. Its not like you can even always use the one thing that lets you aid your team anywhere you want, because its on a 300 sec CD and usually when you do use it, the enemy top laner pushes for free since most teleports dont even seem to be worth it. I'm not saying that Top lane cant EVER carry, but it just seems so much more biased for the rest of the roles. Half the time when you are the "carry" as the top laner, all you've done is literally push the whole game, WOW that was so much fun right? The worst part is i like playing champions who happen to be in Top lane the most, but its absolutely the worst role so its sad. Inb4 "This certain pro player/streamer has carried in more often than others so your argument means nothing" Yes, because .1% of the playerbase shows the current state of the game's balance, as we all know that Riot balances the game separately based on pro player/solo queue, just like the recent Aatrox changes. Funny thing about the Aatrox changes is that now it seems like hes fit to be broken again for a different reason... nice going Riot.
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