Does anyone actually object to players being able to buy event prestige skins with Prestige Points?

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TLDR: We're sharing the list of champions receiving Prestige Edition skins through the end of the year. We're working on stuff that'll cost fewer than 100 Prestige Points. All Event Prestige skins released in 2020 will be available for Prestige Points at the end of next year. Hey everyone!
So I've wanted Prestige K/DA Akali and Kai'sa for the longest time now. Only to hear: > **These changes won't retroactively apply to Event Prestige skins released during 2018 and 2019**. Players who unlocked those skins did so with the expectation that event tokens would be the only way to get them, and we wanted to respect those players' investments. Does anyone who grinded for an event skin actually object to people who missed the events- because they were busy with other commitments such as school or work, or maybe just didn't even know the game existed yet- buying the skins using Prestige Points?
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