Im at loss for words, someone help me...

I've decided to climb to at least Gold III from Bronze IV this season. In less than a week I managed to get to Silver I with an average winrate of over 60%+.. Important things: Only solo q (no duos or coaching or anything like that, except a few videos on YouTube); Never flamed or cussed someone out no matter how much we lost or how much someone played badly (had a 0/12 Ashe as our teams ADC at one point.. didn't say a word except to farm up and play safer, wait for ganks etc..); Always encouraged my teammates that we can win no matter how hard we were losing (was the most honored most of the time); Always led them to great strategies which worked heavily in our favor (trading Baron for Dragon, trading 2 Kills for them for 2 turrets for us, contesting, stealing and then winning a teamfight over Elder Dragon and Baron (both done multiple times); Closing out games under 25 mins on several occasions; Invading the enemy jungle at lvl 1, gettin 4 kills as a team and clearing their red side (as Jhin ADC) Finally, I've lost a few games here and there and dropped my winrate to around 55%+ which is still good in my opinion. Then, 2 days ago, I got to 99 LP Silver I and I said: "Ok, 1 more win for the Gold promos, you can do this. Win or lose, I'll play just this game and go to sleep." Went into the game, won my botlane as Jhin ADC with a truly great Nami support. I saw our map: 2 turrets missing top on our side, 1 missing mid, 6/0 AP Bruiser Malphite (more like AP Tank Assassin if you ask me) vs our Teemo with, idk his score correctly, it wasn't bad but he had extremly low amount of cs for 15 mins (so did I but at least I knew my cs was horrible and at least I was fed enough to zone out from wherever only by casting my ult (not even firing the shots)). We were losing pretty badly but I still encouraged my team. We lost and the malph was around 25+ kills and had under 10 deaths.. I was furious because it clearly wasn't my fault, I even gave Teemo some tips but he wouldn't listen. Woke up the next day, lost only 1 and I had to win 3 GAMES!! in return to get to 98 LP.. Again I said 1 more win and we lost.. we played badly collectively so I cant single someone out, even me. I was at around 80 LP then. I needed 3 wins again to get to 100 LP. I rolled a loss and 2 wins.. O.K. NOT A SINGLE F*****G PROBLEM. Shut down the computer and went outside. Finally today's events. I won the 3 games needed to get me from 71 LP to 100.. Or so I thought. Not to mention I worsened dramatically since the first 99 LP peak.. You could even put the blame solely on me in a few games.... and it finally happened again.. 99 LP. Why don't you just give the 1 LP Riot? I know thats not exactly how MMR and LP works but still?! What's the problem, give the man a chance to hit Gold once in his lifetime... Instead of 1 win came 3 or 4, or even 5 straight losses with HORRENDOUS teammates. In one game they had our mid inhib destroyed because our Vayne literally inted Jinx but didn't understand that she was inting.. Ganked a few lanes while I still had a chance in the early game. The Tryndamere is pushing and pinging that he wants a gank. I said that I can't really dive pre 6 as Sejuani and I recommended that he doesn't push so I can gank. He said: "Delusional jungler".. I thought: "Whatever..". When I finally ganked him he just stood under tower and farmed while I was 1v1ing their Riven with all my might. I also pinged that I was coming before I came, in vain it seems to me now.. I went back and saw Vayne's K/D/A. Horrific. They already were at our inhib so I just gave up and FFed at 15. They didnt surrender until 30 mins.. ahh I was furious. So now that I've vented enough in this post and finally said my things.. What the fuck should I do now? Keep on fighting or surrender and stay in Silver.. I cant even carry as a fed Jhin because 2 other are feeding them.. And now I finally feel free and obligated to say Fuck that "it's not teammates, it's you" talk. I cringe at how my teammates are sometimes playing and I cry because of their decision making (not actually crying). How is it even possible to get matched up with such bad players when I can point almost every single mistake they do and every mistake I realize on them? Taking a rift herald and/or drake or taking 2 plates on mid turret?? Seems like a pretty fucking hard decision for my teammates so because of them we don't get fucking either... And now I'm sitting at Silver I, 12 LP. What should I do?
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