Promos are an absolute stress nightmare

Pretty much what the title says. Not only are promo series the most stressful thing you can experience playing this game, losing one (especially if it's going up an entire League) can feel like a colossal waste of time. "Best of 5? Well let's see, you're going to play ALL of those games. And your final game is going to fill your team with feeders. You're welcome" says the matchmaking... So not only have I spent my entire evening working through these games, I've now also wasted my evening. I literally could have sat here for about 4 hours or so doing nothing, and still be up on the deal. But as it stands, I'm now back down to 76LP. So not even a single win will net me the chance to try again, I have to win two games in a row (and that's best case scenario). Not to mention it means my chances of losing a game and dropping further have effectively been doubled. The point I'm meandering towards is that climbing ranks all together is a complete slog. I really question why I continue to bother, because after hours of continuous play I haven't come away from this feeling like I enjoyed my fact the only reason I can think as to why I even bother to try is because back in 2014 I made the mistake of downloading this game and slowly getting invested. Fuck.
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