UK should get their own server

I honestly think UK should have their own server, rather than staying in EUW. Imagine living in a country where English is the dominant language and you go into a game where another language is being spoken. There would be a lack of commincation and players would just get angry at each other. I'm not even trying to be funny or toxic, but what does riot expect when they create a server where people speak languages that other players don't know and understand. Honestly this is probably why Euw is considered as the most toxic server, because people are fed up that they can't communicate with their players. Riot Games designed League of Legends well, for it to be this addictive. But as a $6 billion they should be making a lot of changes now. It's fustrating losing games cause your teammates can't communicate with you because of a langugae barrier. I'm honestly suprised I don't have high blood pressure TIme to TP out of here{{summoner:12}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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