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Just sent in a ticket to Rito and they told me to come here to try and get traction so let's do this. I've been playing this game since 2012 and my fondest memory has to be queuing up for hide and seek lobbies. I know bringing back the crystal scar is unrealistic, but I have thought of a way for Riot to re-implement the ability to play hide a seek. The practice tool in the new training area of league lets you disable minions spawning and towers firing on summoners rift. By doing both these things summoners rift can be turned into a pretty decent hide and seek grounds, the lane towers provide vision such as the outer circle used to but don't fire, jungle camps can be used to jump to, and you can just rule that no one be allowed to sit inside base or around inhib aria. I'm sure riot also has the ability to take away all the other tools ( to prevent the host from cheating) and easily make a custom map of summoners rift where the only difference is the towers and minions, but I digress. In short, the easiest way I see this coming back to League would be to allow use of the practice tool version of the rift as an option when making custom games, allowing for friends to host and create open custom lobbies with friends or others on a map where hide and seek is at least possible for those who still wish to play. I am really not sure how many people remember or still care to play a version of this old fan-made game mode but all I'm asking is that some rito devs out there see this and at least try to give an old league fanboy a way to show his friends the "best" way to play league. :D leave a comment to show support and try to get this big enough for some devs to see it! {{item:3187}} -4 Gum
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