Riot. Please include resources for your players.

At this point it would be a HUGE favor of you to give players resources to play the game take for example. Things like give a player the best runes and items he should take. Or things like mobafire have step by step guides. Yeah sure this isn’t your job, but then your just letting ignorance pass through you. Instead of defying it you let it continue. The number of noobs ever so increases all you do in the tutorial is teach them how to do the basic things. The impact of giving a noob resources will make him think between a slice of an apple, and a whole apple. Not only would they play something that’s actually decent, but they would know what they are doing instead of clicking random stuff and getting flamed for dying. Including resources would help the average silver player base( including me someone make a detailed mid guide please) rise to a better level but it would also get rid of the bigotry players give to each other. Please just do it for the sake of your player base.
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