Illaoi is dead

bugfixing what made her passable in such a hostile meta without even hinting at the other well documented and massive list of bugs holding her back, just fucking LOL. She will replace Mordekaiser as the most bugged champion after his VGU Illaoi is fundamentally incapable of doing her job right now as a zone champion who can't keep you in the zone to actually matter. it's insane how correctly Illaoi needs to play and despite the multitude of conditions that need to be reached she can still lose without doing much of anything loses to most divers, loses to skirmishers, loses to mages, loses to most other juggernauts, loses to marksmen, nullified by supports, good against tanks in lane and that's it - except not really because tanks still peel her hard in team fights later on anyway. She has numerous hard counters while not hard countering anything herself even her best players atm in challenger are losing most games now and starting to drop out of it and into grandmaster or lower, meta is too hostile and she's far too under equipped as a champion overall Buff illaoi
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