Very unpopular opinion: Chine(Tencent) should step in and redo how Riot office works(at least in NA)

(start of long, mainly rantfilled, thread, sorry for my English) The nothingness of work done by Riot(NA parts) makes me wonder, could Tencent step in and throw majority of the highest posts in Riot from window, replace them with normal ppl and create normal working office from Riot? Half of an year working on these eternals? Really? How many actual hours of work and how many hours of bonding, having fun with friends and playing games? "But the coding for something this big is extremely hard." yes and? It isn't excuse to create expensive pile of nothing interesting for 850 rp. Sure, make us pay for it, but make it interesting and worth it. "Don't buy it then" I won't, but we all know that silent majority probably will... Fixing client? If we are talking about getting inspiration for Eternals from Dota, how about we actually try to get at least similar client? Or whatever keep current one, but make it work? Oooooor, let employees do whatever they want, build inoffice lan cofes, let them play other games as long as client loads, who cares if it is constantly crushing for some hardwares, who cares if it takes 5 secs to load anything on PC that costs like car. \------------------------ (start of "Dota is better" part) Just starting Dota and browsing through its client is so satisfying, it's smooth, like actually smooth, no pauses, no stuttering, no delays, no error messages(crashed few times to be fair). You can actually read through champs abilities and not only what they do, are you ready? You can also see cds, mana costs, base dmg, ratios, range of abilities, how long cc is etc. etc. How crazy is it? You don't have to go to 3rd party sites? It's crazy... That's not all. You can actually try out ANY hero, like picking anyone, trying all abilities, farming/getting used to animations, you can spam enemy heroes and control them. Dota doesn't even have heroes behind pay wall, you would expect this feature in game where you have to spend resourses to get characters before yo buy them, right? The best part is coming... You can do all of this while in que in Dota... But hey, it would take away precious time that Riot guy could spend grinding in whatever game he likes to play in his ~~free time~~ work time. That's not all, many more things you could take as inspiration from Dota(not talking about gameplay or balance). In client/ingame guides? "Just use google lol", why tho? Why can't I look what challanger [insert your main champ] player is building, why can't I send my build list to my bronze friend so he could get his silver? Why can't I watch high elo games/proplay in client? You got banned for whatever reason? Shitty person you are indeed, I agree. Oh but you can transfer you skins, bcs yeah, you spent your money on it. "It's no longer your money, you gave them to Riot, you knew what might happen", yeah so they took their skins away, bcs they care about their community soo much, right? Sure... (end of "Dota is better" part) Don't get me wrong, Valve is full of morons as well, Dota+ if you ask me is, in it's core, good idea, but imagine the boom of reddit/boards if Riot implemented "Pay for not being autofilled" feature. But hey, Valve are the good, right? šŸ‘ \------------------------ Balance changes full of placebo shit just to make it look like something is happening? Oh yeah, this change will make XY win 1v1 in 68/100 times instead of 67/100, bcs he will do 6 more dmg on ability, oh yeah, we mixed things up boys, big changes, let's hop in flex que so we can grind some lp together in work šŸ‘ Optimalization? Not so noticeable on my desktop pc(tho from time to time there are always some problems with new patches), but on my laptop, where it always had 80-100 fps, now I was forced to lock it to 60 fps, bcs drops were annoying(might be problem with my machine tho). Not to talk about all the bugs, more noticable ones that effect gameplay, like crashes or bugs with spells, but also countless sound/voicelines bugs, cursor randomly changing to windows one(on both of my machines and on my friends comps as well) and proly many more. Community begged for map skins/announcers packs but hey, let's play some Diablo 3 in work, right? Don't get me wrong, I like many balance changes, I, hate me for that, like prestige skins, community wanted something expensive to show their support/wealth, I even liked events, tho the amount of them is getting annoying, sure grinding is fun, but when it's same missions for every event(is it definition of grinding?) it gets boring really quickly and you will just force yourself to play more just to get as much as possible. I don't want Tencent to create dictatorship in Riot, I would just like to see some progress and work done by company that has few thousands of employees. I don't mean listeting to community about balancing, hell no, let them scream. Also locking something that we, veteran players, hoped and literally begged for for nearly decade behind 850 rp for one champ makes me, as Riot supporter, sad. If you read it all the way to here, get life lol Still love the game, but maybe I'm getting too old...
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