The reluctance to revert reworks that have missed the mark really diminish this game

I am not one of those nostalgia people that complain about reworks just to complain, but when a reworked champion ends up in the gutter due to a rework a revert should be mandatory. If a rework changes the "identity" of a champ I don't care as long the champ is left in a viable or at the very least a more healthy state {{champion:113}} new kit is a nightmare that will either be super overbearing or super underwhelming. I understand this champ isn't the most popular, but why is it ok to leave {{champion:113}} in this state when she was fine before the failed rework? {{champion:72}} I feel rage bubble up inside me when I think about what was done to this champion. He used to be able to do things now he is nothing but an ult bot. What was done to {{champion:72}} is bad, but the true slap in the face is that after it is clear that this is a failed rework absolutely nothing has been done about it. This basically amounts to game development malpractice I understand that this is a free to play game, but damn.
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