The wheel of age and pinning blame on Ghostcrawler

As league ages people will expect more, demand some kind of nostalgia from "glory" days. And they need a scapegoat. It's not riot that will kill league. it will be the unreasonable demands and expectations of the player base. I was playing WoW when ghostcrawler was lead design. The game was in fact great, but a vocal minority wanted to throw tantrums in forums because they no longer had fun after X amount of years invested. League is getting old, you've played through 8 seasons with many different metas. You try to grab on some kind of nostalgia that has been lost. Nothing is new in league, it's the same thing over and over again. They reinvent the wheel, change the meta constantly in an attempt to make everyone happy with a meta. But what happens when assassins are nerfed and tanks buffed? Or adcs nerfed and mages buffed? What's strong and what's not? Do you think that the assassin mains will be happy they got nerfed? Or the mages? or the adcs? Riot and ghostcrawler both have done an amazing job with the game. While this opinion may anger a % of players in the community and will get tons of down votes I really don't care I'm just expressing my opinion. I've seen a lot of community posts trying to blame Ghostcrawler for their lack of fun. And really... that's just about as childish as it gets. Instead of offering CONSTRUCTIVE criticism all i see is whining and crying very similar to world of warcraft. I guess that never changes and people don't like to hear the reality of it but I'm spelling it out for you. Grow up and critically think, if you're unhappy figure out the reasons, and provide a realistic way to potentially solve these issues. Developers listen, believe it or not and them taking you seriously depends on how you approach something. If you're just being like any child in the forums and go into a fit while offering no solution would you take them seriously if you were a developer? TLDR: offer constructive criticism backed up by some kind of data, and analysis and offer a solution instead of baby-raging and pinning blame on one person. If you have facts and provide good criticism the game might be changed in a good way due to feedback. But when you're saying something along the lines of "holy shit camille is broken, oh my god I can't beat her in lane as teemo" or "zomg the reason why I can't climb out of low elo is because it's about the bot lane and not the fact that I go 0/10 in lane as mid rakan then at the 20 min mark have 70 cs, this game is stupid and i don't have fun anymore". What does that actually do?
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