Hey guys just wanted to give you an important tip for gaining elo quickly as an ADC player. As a support player I obviously know everything about the ADC role and people have been begging me to make this thread so here goes. I've been seeing lots of players making this simple mistake so listen up! Pick something that isn't Caitlyn! "But Lenn," you ask, "How could it be that easy?" Well, it's simple: Caitlyn sucks, and is bad. Many ADC players are under the impression that Caitlyn is a safe lane bully who does solid damage all throughout the game, but this is simply not true. She quite literally has the defense of a caster creep, deals no damage, and is less safe than many other ADCs who actually deal damage despite her long range. If you are considering picking Caitlyn, take a deep breath, calm your thoughts, and pick Tristana instead. **FAQ** **Q: Is not picking Caitlyn all I have to do to be a good ADC player?** A: Yes. If you want to be a superstar league player, all you need to do is pick Tristana, Varus or Xayah. **Q: How come Caitlyn is so bad when she has 650 range and an escape? She should be a really safe pick!** A: Well summoner I'm glad you asked. Compared to Tristana who will match and eventually outdo Caitlyn's range starting level 13, actually does damage, has a much farther/consistent/resetting escape and has amazing self-peel, Caitlyn just looks like a sad little orphan with a peashooter. Other champions that are good right now also have excellent lategame damage and self peel, or is Kog'maw and has a Lulu support. It is too bad but this is just the way the world works. **Q: I really like Caitlyn. Can I pick her anyway if I'm good at her?** A: No. **Q: Why not?** A: Don't. **Q: Can I play Jhin?** A: No. I hope this helped! Have fun on the rift everyone!!!
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