It's been almost 4 months since the Aatrox Rework and he still has some animation/emote issues

**EDIT (AKA, the thing that I forgot to mention earlier):** This post's purpose isn't to bash Riot employees or their work in any way, but rather to point out the things they may have overlooked so that they can be looked at and perhaps fixed. --- {{champion:266}} _It's another one of these, huh?_ {{champion:266}} I don't feel like writing a super long introduction about this, so I'll just say a few things and then I'll get on with the problems that I have with some of Aatrox's animations and his emotes (with videos included). Ever since his rework came out, Aatrox became possibly my most favorite champion in the entire game. The whole gameplay fantasy revolving around him hitting his Q sweetspots for massive damage and using his E to reposition just sort of clicked with me, and when I finally played him for the first time I found myself really enjoying and soon maining him. His lore and voice were in my opinion also really well done, and with me being someone that really enjoys the 'tragic hero-turned-villain' archetype it made me adore the character even more. And with all of that, I was really disappointed once I noticed that the champion I like so much seemed a bit unfinished animation-wise, and it only got worse when the few previous threads I made about it already went completely ignored by Riot, and thus these issues remained unaddressed. I will admit that all of these problems are minor and aren't anything gamebreaking, but if every rework before him could get polished and complete animations and emotes, why not Aatrox too? So here I am again, listing the problems I have with Aatrox's animations and emotes: --- _Now, most of these will be really hard to spot unless you really pay attention to them, but I still feel like they tend to ruin the immersion and should be fixed if possible._ * **His walking animation seems to not loop properly** As you're watching the video above, try to pay close attention to Aatrox's right 'gauntlet' hand as he walks. If you look close enough, you will notice that at about the 0:04 seconds mark Aatrox's right hand will suddenly snap up to its default position, before the animation resumes as normal once again as it should. This animation issue happens about every four to five seconds or so as he walks. * **His auto attack animations seem to freeze him in place at the very last frame.** I don't think this one really needs much explanation. I guess what they were trying to go for is to make Aatrox's auto attacks seem really heavy and powerful, but in reality the sudden ceasing of momentum and the way he lingers in the last frame for a short while makes Aatrox seem really robotic and awkward more than anything else. * **His banner wings have no unfurling/disappearing animation** Now this is the one that is more noticeable than the rest. As you can see in the video, once Aatrox uses CTRL + 5 to toggle his banner wings on/off, instead of having some sort of animation, the wings just sort of pop into existence very suddenly. Maybe they could make it so the wings fall down from his back when they're toggled on, and disperse into sparks when toggled off, just so it doesn't look so lazy and unfinished. * **His joke lines are missing while his taunt lines sound too much like jokes** This is probably the problem that I want them to fix the most. (Unfortunately I couldn't do a video for this one due to replay sound issues, so I'll just use the SkinSpotlights video of Justicar Aatrox.) As you can see in the video above, when he uses his joke Aatrox is completely silent as he does his old joke animation (which by itself has nothing wrong with it), with only a few sound effects playing for his sword swings and that's it. Other champions (excluding Rammus) either have actual joke lines or at least a funny animation for their joke, Aatrox has neither of those things. Then right after that, you can see that he uses his taunt and instead of saying something that would intimidate or anger his opponents, he instead just makes an awkward joke about being edgy. Hardly a taunt I was expecting. It almost feels like his lines got mixed up somehow, and it's been left like that for almost four months now. I think they should move his current taunt lines to his joke, and put some of the other lines that he already has onto his taunt, new ones don't really have to be recorded with how many he has to choose from. --- And those are my problems with Aatrox's animations/emotes. Once again, he's one of my favorite champions in the game, so I'd really like to see some of these things (even if they are minor) fixed. Or at the very least, I'd like to know why these things were ignored and left like this since his release. Feel free to share your thoughts on in the comments, I'd be happy to know other people's opinions on this. And finally, if you read this post to the very end, thank you very much and have a good day! {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} --- **TL;DR:** Aatrox is currently my favorite champion and he has some unfinished (or at least unfinished-looking) animations and emotes, so I'd really like them to be fixed if possible or to at least know why they were left that way for about four months now.
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