Unpopular Opinion: F#@k the pandas

They take up a bunch of the world's conservation money but the thing is they can barely eat they're limited diet,can't fend for themselves in the wilds,don't f#@k,and when they do f#@k during the one of two times a year they can have babies if they have more than one baby then their lazy asses will leave all but one of them to die. I mean the last one even counts for ones in captivity where this one panda recently had twins but they have to swap one out for the other like some BS sitcom so she doesn't get one of them killed. So yeah in conclusion fuck the pandas because it just seems like they wanna die. I mean there are animals that have no brains (Jellyfish),sleep for 20 hours a day (Koalas),or live in basically Hell (Penguins) who manage to survive more than these a$$holes. "Oh but people like to keep them around since they're cute and to breed them" No you only keep them around to look cute because pandas don't f#@k.
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