Just had someone lock in ghost + cleanse jungle teemo

He was upset about one of our team members picks that wasn't meta and decided to "int" I decided to dodge to save myself and everyone an annoying and bad game because of this one person trying to ruin it for everyone. You may be thinking..whoa what a nice guy. Wish more people were like you. Nope. Not in Riot's eyes. -3 LP 5 Minute wait timer and because dodging gets rid of your autofill protection i'll likely be filled into a role I don't want/like to play BUT the guy who trolled everyone gets off scot free and gets to go be toxic in another game. There's no function to report someone in lobby there's no way to track someone after a lobby unless you've been through a game with them and report them. Apparently in Riot's eyes I was the BAD guy while the troll was clearly the GOOD guy doing the right thing.
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