@Meddler Compensation buff to Ahri because domination tree nerf?

Ahri is one of the champs who used domination tree A LOT and with the nerf to the runes, she need compensation buffs. That is because the domination tree nerf was not supposed to be aimed at Ahri but instead to champs who aren't supposed to do that much damage, to nerf them so that they can go use a rune more suited for them. Ahri can only use electrocrute, and the domination tree was nerfed. So when is she going to receive compensation buffs to her damage? Thanks a lot! EDIT: SINCE HER WINRATE AND PICKRATE REFLECTS THAT AHRI IS AN EASY CHAMP TO ACHIEVE HIGHWINRATE WITH SO I ALSO PROPOSE TO REVERT THE CHARM BUFF THEN BUFF HER DAMAGE
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