Returning after 5+ years

So I am coming back to league after a very very very long brake and I am garbage at the game and the game is nothing like it was since left so I need to relearn the game. I don’t mind relearning the game the problem I am running into is I don’t know if my account that I used had my mmr decay I find myself trying to go into games where the players a much better than I am and I feel bad for my team because i am not that good yet. So a few questions 1 is there a mmr decay for my account after not being active and 2 is there a way I can reset my mmr back to 0 or something so I can learn the game again? Or is the only way to get my mmr down to just lose a ton of games? Don’t really want to do that to my team though so I was hoping someone could help with some advice?
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