Quit League.

I stopped playing league because it’s no longer a fun or satisfying game to play anymore. Things I would advise changing to attract the players who quit such as myself. -Bring back URF and Hexakill every other week. -Stop perma banning people, and reform the penalty system so it’s not so obnoxious. -Refund people if you perma ban them (or see above) -Stop long LPQs, (30min) short ones are whatever. - Take jungle fruit out of the game - give shared XP in the jungle again, trolls who steal jungle xp is an exploit and worse of a problem. -I personally don’t like how there are so many Champ bans, but people seem to like it. I prefer 3 bans each team and they are all instant and random. No need to ban 10 champs! -Remove the report button from after game menu, and force people to submit tickets for serious stuff. No more toxic behavior reports, it’s counter productive. -Get rid of MMR, and make the ranking system the way it was before. -Get rid of current honor system and honor ranks, it’s silly. Just allow people to honor everyone they want both enemy and friend. Make honor a currency instead of a hidden status or whatever. It’s lame right now.
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